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Loss Adjusters



When your vehicle is damaged it is these assessors that firstly view the damage and decide the fate of what will be done to the vehicle. If it is marginal to repair or a definite write off a valuation will be called for. We advise the owner to ensure that at least two valuation reports are carried out to be sure there is uniformity in their make up and that all accessories and modifications have been included. 

It is important if you are responsible for the damage that at least two valuation reports are also carried out. One should be of your choice as an average may be decided for settlement and you need to be of the understanding all are in keeping with each other. The first phone call to us is free so we may expand on what you can do during any settlement negotiation process. Valuations assist both parties and avoid the situation of a too high or too low pay outs on claims. Independent advice can also be obtained at a reasonable rate by contacting