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Finance Companies



As people gain good finance ratings financiers will approve pre-funding so as you can choose what and where you purchase you next vehicle. They will in most cases require an independent valuer such as us to view and establish the Market value of your new car.

INSURANCE COVER BUYING ON FINANCE: You need to obtain GAP COVER INSURANCE that in the event of a total loss there is a shortfall in the payout this policy will bridge the GAP, we have seen many transactions that have not been covered, amounting into many thousands of dollars.

We value for a number of FINANCE COMPANIES vehicles that have been repossessed, the condition in general is normally not of a very good standard and is reflected in our valuation. If you have a dispute with your Finance Company on the assessment of your Repos it is worth call to us for a quote to value as you may be being treated unfairly and once a default proceeding is against you it could be too late.