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Book Value / GST Value



In days of old (PRE GST) or thereabouts Book Value was more better known and refereed to as GLASSES GUIDE, it was simple; not too many Makes or Models and simple adjustments were in place for mileage and age. 

Many Manufacturers and multiple models mixed with too many specifications to list. In short BOOK VALUE is still an Accounting process and with the large variance in tax laws is best left with the Accountant - they knows best.

Here is where a valuer is important as the law in respect to GST Registration can be hard for the average person to follow. 

EXAMPLE: You are starting a business and your Old Faithful is going to be your company chariot it enters your venture with a GST factor. We sight the vehicle and value it as if on the market today, hence you claim back GST from this value.

You have been successful and are selling the old chariot, we sight the vehicle and value it as its Market Cash up Value hence you will pay GST on this value.